How do I add a Blog Post?

If you have a blog page set-up on your Dealer Marketing site, adding a new blog post is easy!

1. First navigate to Marketing

2.  Next select Public Site > Content

3. Click "Add New Content"

4.  This opens a new page.  Select the page type as "Blog"

5.  Be sure to add a slug (the URL ex:, Title of Blog, Author, and Publish Date.

6.  To add content simply click below and type.  Text can be stylized using the editor above the text container.  

7.  To add photos, select the "add/edit image" button.  Locate a previously used photo, or upload a new one.  Dimensions can either be adjusted manually by dragging, or using the "constrain proportions" tool.

8.  Once you click save, the post will be live on your Dealer Marketing site!

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