How do I add a new task for a vehicle?


Click the "Inventory" link on the DealerAccelerate navigation menu located at the top of your screen. This will take you to the Inventory Dashboard. From the Inventory Dashboard, select the desired Inventory Listing.


From the Inventory Listing Summary listing, click the “Tasks” tab.

 STEP 3:

To begin, click the “Add Task” button (Fig. 1).

 Figure 1: Add Task Button


From the New Task screen (Fig. 2), enter all available information. At a minimum, each New Task requires the Category, Task Type, Assigned To, Priority, and Status fields. Optional fields include Deadline, Assigned By, and Detail fields.

Figure 2: New Task Screen


When you’ve entered all available information, click “Create.” A notification will appear to let you know the task has been successfully updated

When a new task has been successfully created, the Inventory Listing’s Tasks tab will be automatically updated. In addition, the Tasks Dashboard on each user’s DealerAccelerate home screen will also be updated.

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